It’s so good to spend some quality time with my friends. Chop some delicious ingredients & wash down a beer or good wine. Life is good!!! Best decision to cycle Germany by bike and visit them. Why always travel so far if the good things are so near…

Farewell dinner in Berlin with Lamb Shoulder & colourful dessert.

Started with catching up in Cologne with Ingo, who I met in New Zealand – a passionate cyclist. Great memories about Akaroa cycling. Or with Linda in Bonn, who is a brilliant singer, great conversation over good Italian food & several Gin & Tonics.

After my first survived outdoor experience during this trip in a tent and pure nature I cycled to Hofheim to meet my cousin Berit’s family with a great burger BBQ dinner. So good…!

Easy and yummy BBQ with Tine & Remko in Pohlheim, such a balanced and happy couple. Remko is my old boss and a good friend in the meantime. They also introduced me to Anna, their Greek neighbour where we decided over an Ouzo to cook some Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and Vegan Arakas. What a lovely day…

Next stop was Bad Nauheim with Big Steak for 2 tall men. Meeting Sven who just got 3 new born girls & we enjoyed the peaceful silence in his house. This is gonna change soon. Anne, visiting you shortly too…

Headed over to Neu-Anspach for long night with Andrea. I know her for 14 years and she was my first personal coach when Commerzbank kicked me out. Exciting times then and now. Her son wanted to eat rice and curry so we cooked some yummy Chicken Curry.

I’m glad to have so many good friends here, stopped in Oberursel for Marjon & Klaus – he was harvesting some mushrooms in the forests & I cooked a Mushroom Pan that night. Long chats about cycling, best routes & camping spots – it was again late but it’s so great to share the same passion for cycling. They cycle for over 20 years – all together! So sweet to listen to your stories! Enjoyed it a lot!

Made myself over to Natalie & Alwin. Last time we met on Samui for my birthday party & Natalie wanted to cook some Thai dishes. So we made Mango Prawn Salad, Tom Kha Gai and Teriyaki Salmon & Grilled Honey Sesame Glazed Teriyaki Tuna Steak. Have a look…so yummy! I’m glad you wanted to cook it with me.

And I also stopped for a surprise visit with my old neighbours in Niederursel back in 2011. Although I only lived there some weeks as direct neighbour, we’re still in contact.

And I finally made it into Frankfurt City, catching up with Retno for some Indonesian dinner & Bavarian breakfast.

But I’m spending more time in Frankfurt – so more long nights, drinks & good food.

“Life is good”

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