Alright. It was time to cross boarders again. I was a bit disappointed that within the EU there isn’t any signboard of leaving Austria & arriving Slovakia. But soon I’ll be catching my first leaving county pic…still waiting for it.

Arriving to Bratislava I checked into Dream Hostel & instantly remembered my travels in Australia, New Zealand & Canada where I mainly spent my nights in hostels. Those have been always good stays – except there is always one in the room who snores. Even in a 2-bed dorm. Haha, and this isn’t me if you sneaky guys were about to say that!

As I caught a little cold while cycling & the night camping it was time to rest & recover some days so I booked 3 nights which I extended to 5 nights as the weather was just rainy forecast. Spent the time strolling in town, sleeping & hanging out with Zuzana & Miros family. They welcomed me very heartily and I had a glass of Becherovka in my hand which got constantly refilled. I enjoyed. Felt like a good friend and very home there. And it’s only the second time I visited them…

We cooked together and I could tell they liked to have The Cycling Travel Chef around for some days. Met their daughters, her brother Jan & even her colleagues. Wasn’t bored at all And I’m pretty sure they liked & enjoyed it too.

Cooked Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon, Real Hungarian Letscho, nice Nutella Cinnamon Rolls, yummy Slovak Stuffed Paprika and my version of Russian Sirniki with Apple & Cinnamon. Recipes are now online

After almost a week in Bratislava and recovered from my cold it was time to move Eisenschwein and cycle along Danube into Budapest…

But not without the final dinner with Zuzana & Miro & some lunch in the city with Geenie, who I met on the Walking Tour.

…can’t wait to be in Budapest again!

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