What lively 3 weeks – especially since I initially wanted to skip Zurich on my tour. Thanks to my friend Abdul who wasn’t in Munich the weekend I initially wanted to show up. So – honestly I found a very nice alternative way to spend the last 3 weeks before reaching Munich today. No more Oktoberfest but this is overrated.

I already shared my stay in an abandoned cottage near the Swiss boarder, mastering my Private Chef skills for Anna & Gerrit, visit of Audrey near Lausanne & my first paraglide flight with Guillaume in France.

Before flying out to Barcelona & meeting my pretty friend Ksenia I cycled to Canton Uri for a great day & evening with Melli & Ralf.

It seems that where I am there is always something happening – in Barcelona they had the Catalan Independence Referendum ongoing. But honestly we didn’t get too much of protests only some peacefully Catalans singing on the streets. Thankfully we were not in the heat hot centre where police put big presence in force.

Given this was my 6th & her 4th time in Barcelona we skipped the sightseeing and spent more time at the beach, in bars & restaurants – eating, drinking, smoking, chatting & laughing a lot.

What a chilled, relaxed and culinary week. Didn’t cook typical Spanish food though as the airbnb kitchen was not well equipped but still enough for some yummy breakfast though.

Also found time to meet Merl, who I worked with in Amsterdam 12 years ago, we met in a nice vegan friendly restaurant Kale & Flax and I had a yummy salad with stuffed zucchini blossoms & guacamole. Good inspiration for my food blog.

We enjoyed our relaxing time in warm & sunny Barcelona & Ksenia drew me as she promised to do so last time we met.

And it was time for yummy outsourced food & new stuff to try like Percebe, check my video here. The rest was pretty much yummy as expected.

But after the holidays is before the holidays & it was time to fly back to Zurich to continue my cycling tour and for Ksenia to cold Saint Petersburg.

So many nice memories for 4 countries in 3 weeks. More to come and share…

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