Bye Bye Germany! Not forever but for now…heading south following the summer into Greece…!

Now I made it into Austria but wait, one step after the other…
From Zurich I cycled to Munich and made it in three days or 300km to Gregor & his family and later to Abdul. Both are friends from school but haven’t seen Gregor for around a decade.

Whiskey Boys

Had a great time with Gregor and his family, cooking, chatting, hiking & drinking whiskey. They hosted me three nights – last day I felt their fear I’d never leave again. “Visitors are lik fish – they start smelling after 3 days!” Haha, but I moved myself and Eisenschwein to Abdul in Gauting.

Having cooked with Abdul before, we both had high expectations. And guess what, we didn’t go hungry nor disappointed into bed. Nice 3 course menu. See below what we created in his small kitchen.


I’m especially proud and graceful of the breakfast Abdul made for us on my last day. I introduced him to poached eggs, salmon & avocado & see what he made, his variation with potato fritters. I was impressed & it was very tasty.


After almost a week in Munich it was time to move Eisenschwein for some longer rides. Guess he was tired of short distances or just waiting for the next tour.
So we rode east towards Kirchberg in Oberbayern where Caro & Dan live. Both I know from my days in Amsterdam. I thought they still live in Cologne, but things change & Facebook helped to set things right. Eisenschwein was bit damaged that day, his chain cracked and I had to fix it. From now on I have disposable gloves & a chain repair kit with me…experience is something you cannot buy!

Advantage of that little disruption, Dan put some Indonesian Chicken Ayam Bakar on the grill & made his famous Tunis Buncis Tabu – Fried Green Beans with Tofu. I liked it a lot so you can find the recipe here.

The next morning I headed off towards the river Inn and the Austrian border. It was time to leave Germany, not for good but just for now and use the perfect late summer weather. Or in other words – it’s golden autumn and I love it. The sun on my face, the warm wind or is it the sweat that warms me? Hm, I’m pretty heated up when cycling so a cold beer always works…more for me then for Eisenschwein…


And now I’m on my way to Linz, Vienna and Bratislava – along the Donau river. If you know a spot where I should stop, let me know.


Thore the Cycling Travel Chef

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