“The two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

To make it short – this wasn’t my last trip. Eisenschwein and me are hooked to Bikepacking. Maybe into more remote areas with camping gear this time…like Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan?!

I met so many wonderful people, caught up with friends, some I didn’t see for more then 10 years, exchanged stories and memories. Made new friends along the road, awesome people with great life stories…THANKS to everyone. Hope to see you again!

It’s difficult to explain how I feel now, I feel very thankful, happy & grateful for the chance in life to do it! Also I’m happy to see my family & friends at home again but also a bit sad & melancholic – but I’m sure this is just normal.

I’m glad I went on my journey, long journey to chase my dreams, follow my passion, cleanse my soul, heal my heart & find back my smile again. Have I found all of it and see everything crystal clearly now? NOOOOO…. I don’t, but the picture is getting clearer…

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and what’s my next steps around my “food & cooking” related business! Stay tuned. Social media will be my friend.

For now some statistics, a guys thing so here is my trip in some numbers:

  • 4.469 km cycled
  • 18,1 km/h average speed
  • 65 cycling days
  • 69 km average per day
  • 39.567m elevation gained
  • 848kg CO2 emission saved
  • 1 chain breaker & 1 flat tire
  • 3 x falling off the bike
  • wet feet – several times
  • 42 cookouts with friends
  • 27 new recipes online
  • 9 countries traveled
  • New friends – countless
  • 9 YouTube Videos ⬇️Here⬇️

Also it is difficult to find the right pictures to summarise the trip…but here is a little collection…

See you and stay positive! And thanks for reaching out to me during my trip, support & feedback. For some of you it’s been very inspirational & I’m happy to share my views & feelings with you…

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