I’m really surprised about Serbia & the people here.

Everybody is so friendly & helpful. Didn’t expect it – just came here. One lesson learnt – “Keep your expectations low or don’t even have any!” and you can only be positively surprised. Honestly is still had the stigma in my old brain. 

The Balkan is dangerous, I’ll get robbed – loosing my money, phone & Eisenschwein.

What a bullshit, this can happen anywhere in the world and during my trip I have not been robbed. When I miss things, I lost them, mainly socks and underwear… Haha

Great cuisine, nice Turkish influence & good beer and wine. And don’t forget to drink a lot of Rakija. The Cycling Travel Chef is happy & got plenty of new inspirations as Pindjur, Ayvar or Rakija the strong local Serbian spirit made of different fruits. Just love it.

After cycling through Novi Sad, usually I like the smaller towns more, but was bit disappointed by Novi Sad. But still I had a nice day there.

Cycling further along the Danube Cycling Way I made it to Belgrade. And again I didn’t know too much and the strong Turkish influence surprised me a lot. I guess I should have paid more attention in history classes or listened more to my fathers talks. But it’s never too late to learn about European history. Traveling & talking to locals makes it so much more inspiring & interesting.

On a free walking Belgrade underground tour I met Lital, she was there for some days from Israel. After the tour I joined her for the automotive museum and “one” wine…. Nice try. At some point there was live music in the restaurants and people start dancing. We go included into the dance too and we’re invited to drink with them. It would have been impolite to refuse, wouldn’t it?!

My initial plan to call it a night early and hit the paddles at 7am was nicely demolished by too much wine & Rakija. I left with a 5 hours delay, but no regrets at all. All this planning – so German!

After some days in town it was time to further cycle south into Sofia, Bulgaria. Took me 4 days to arrive there.

Yeah, Sofia I’m coming….but not without experiencing Serbian mud.

Maybe the most dangerous experience during my ride through Serbia.

It’s so sticky that I had a great time cleaning my tires & mudgards. Big fun when you have to dismount your wheels 4 time to clean them out…was not amused but this leaves nice memories and experience. Paved roads everybody can cycle…

At my last night in Serbia I stayed at Miro & his wife’s place. So hospitable people, they didn’t speak English so we spoke in broken Russian and help of Google Translate. Was invited over for a great homecooked dinner with homemade red wine & rakija. And it’s hard to stop when you get poured more and more into your glass. What a lovely evening, a smile & guesture can Ben so much more powerful then a spoke word…

Bulgaria, I’m curious which surprises and experiences you have to offer!

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