I’m The Lucky German, still cycling and arrived to Sofia mid of November. I’m really lucky with the weather this year as I heard that last year they had snow & -10 degrees. Initially just wanted to spend some days in Sofia and cut west into Macedonia but I put this aside for the next trip. So I eventually stayed 2 weeks in Bulgaria, where about? Read below.

On my first evening in Sofia I went to a nearby restaurant with good TripAdvisor review. Meet awesome people in this great local restaurant Avtentichno. Authentic food and real hospitable owners Margarit & Vitan. Also the team was great – I really sensed everybody enjoys working here…

Was never a big fan of Feta salad but the Bulgarian way of grinding the cheese over the fresh tomatoes, paprika, cucumber and onions is just great. And their ribs and pork knuckle are to die for. Easy honest food.

Do you know the feeling when you come to a place as a customer and leave as a friend? This is exactly what happened to me! Just loved it. And over a glass of wine & Rakija we came up with the idea to do a German Cycling Chef Cookout Lunch Special.

Really enjoyed this experience & interaction in their kitchen, I don’t speak Bulgarian and the two chefs Bobby & Stefan only very limited English. But we made it happen with some Russian and lots of gestures. Haha

What I do in all the bigger cities is joining the free walking city tours but they also have a free walking food tour, nice concept – maybe works in Germany too.

Quick stop at the impressive Rila Monastery but by car, too much elevation to make so I chose alternative transportation. Arriving Plovdiv nice cute ancient town, second biggest town in Bulgaria but only 300.000 inhabitants. Actually I enjoyed Plovdiv more then Sofia.

But my best time I had cycling across the mountains south to Greece – sun – nature – up & down. Snow & wind and stunning nature! And no more camping for me…need to be better prepared and still I’m not a big fan of camping. But next trip this will be included…comfort zone – bye bye…

On my way I stayed in a small Spa Hotel & had a great massage by Boian. He really knows what he does. Thanks man.

Initial plan was to travel to Macedonia but I decided to explore Bulgaria more – what a great decision. Great memories and more ahead.

Bye bye Bulgaria for now and Hi Greece.

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