Lucky German with perfect autumn sun cycled in Austria along Danube to meet with friends in Linz & Vienna. I even survived a camp night in Danube Aue National Park. Honestly, it was time to make some ground. Been on my bike but took it easy and slow. Quality time with my friends and it have been some great 8 weeks so far.

I started to make some videos for those who don’t like to read so much so have a look here if you want.

After leaving Caro and Dan I had two days to cycle to Linz where I wanted to meet up with Hannes. We met in Cambodia and traveled in Vietnam and Laos for 3 weeks last year November. Great memories of a great joint travel. Had several beers, good food & some cigarettes. Given his limited time that night we agreed to meet in Berlin or I’m returning to Altheim in spring for a multi day hike in the Alps. That will be fun…

Then I was cycling along the Danube river towards Vienna.

Been to Vienna quite often already I never strolled the city for a day so this was my first time feeling like a tourist in Vienna. Unfortunately the city was packed with tourists – I was never alone. Went to Cafe Central a famous old Cafe for lunch and some cake with Christin & Petra who used to be my clients back in the old days. Good seeing you Ladies.


In the evening I met Christian, we worked together in Amsterdam and then somehow we lost track of each other – probably too busy in both our lifes. So I’m glad we could chat and eat & drink Gin Tonics. Honestly I was happy that I didn’t have to go to work the next day…

Did you know that there are only 75km distance between Vienna and Bratislava my next stop? Easy to reach in 1 day but I decided to pinch my tent on a free campsite in the Donau-Aue National Park. No real facilities so it’s all self organised, hence I was the only one there also given it’s getting slightly colder at night. Guess I’m not camping too much anymore. But have a look.

My Campsite

Enjoy the video on “How I changed from a Traveler to the Cycling Travel Chef”!
Thanks Jen for this great cycling inspiration when we met in Laos back December 2016. And thanks for reminding me, I was trying to type a blog post that evening. We had such a great chat that I didn’t finish my “work”.

Now I’m in Bratislava meeting Zuzana and her family!

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