What a great time together with Jake cycling from Auckland to Christchurch. Heaps of time on the bike with unforgettable memories, new friendships, thoughtful moments and breathtaking nature. New Zealand I’m in love with you…

During my 6 weeks here I

  • cycled 1.800 km
  • gained 16.000 m elevation
  • spent more then 100 hours active riding
  • probably lost some kg & grew my hair even longer
  • had 2 days where I really didn’t want to cycle
  • hated this idiot who came up with the idea cycling NZ
  • once again realised that good music, a beer & burger incentive can keep you going…
  • included 3 great day hikes, one bi-plane flight, rock climbing, river floating, hot spring bath, ocean fishing,
  • met 5 wonderful Warmshowers.org hosts & lovely families
  • repaired one flat tire
  • had 3 broken spokes
  • been on the bus 4 times (2 planned, 2 unplanned)
  • had only two hostel dorm nights without a snorer (unbelievable how many young kids snore)

It was hard to say good bye to Jake after such a long time together. Jake is a great listener, acknowledges by squeaks – all I needed. Although everybody told me cycling in NZ was very dangerous, I only had one situation, where a car was quite near. The rest of the time I felt safe and luckily survived, statistically NZ has twice as much roadkills per capita as Germany, I didn’t believe it until I consulted the internet.

Jake is on his way back to Auckland now – we both knew it was a joint journey for a definite amount of time. But I’ll be back to NZ. There is still so much to explore…so for next time.

I’m on my way to Koh Samui now for my birthday celebration party with family & friends. Can’t wait to see them all again, having a great relaxed time with good drinks & food. And also a comfortable bed without the need to pack my stuff every other day. Yay – Thailand here I come….oh yesssssss….

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