Yeah, after another shortcut with the bus from Twizel to Christchurch it was time for my final round trip to Banks Peninsula. Having met Ingo on the way, we found out that we have almost the same route so we decided to meet up along the road.

What a great trip onto the island. Met Jillian and Frazer, another lovely Warmshowers host couple – they take their sons to Cuba for a cycling tour. How awesome is that!? Again, I’m overwhelmed of friendliness & hospitality of the newzealanders. They offered me a ride to save me one of 3 hills. Not too bad.

Went up the gravel road and thought I wouldn’t see anyone for hours, but that Sunday an Oldtimer Rallye shared the road with me – or the opposite way 😉

In Barry’s Bay I stayed at the Halfmoon Cottage, another hostel. But – this has so much flair and didn’t fell like in a budget hostel at all. Margo & Cor the Dutch owner really love this place, you can see and feel it.

On the second day I took the scenic Summit Road – little drizzle and cold wind, but great view. Who needs sunshine all the time?!? All in all I’ve been very lucky with the weather.

I’m almost done with cycling for this trip, but I’ve got myself a new hobby. Will get myself a touring bike and slowly plan a trip in Europe. Sorry Jake, you’ll need to stay in NZ, you belong here.

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