Now it was time to explore more nature and fly up to Cairns to hop on a boat for some sailing & diving….Coming to Australia I had the idea to combine a sailing & dive trip – however finding out later this isn’t in high demand here. So I had to choose….sailing or diving. I went for the latter. Can’t be in Great Barrier Reef without diving, right? Met Willis who also travelled Australia, so we went together to explore Australia’s underwater world…

It turned out to be a great decision! Booked a 3 days trip with Pro Dive Cairns, very good provider if it comes to multi-day trips. Highly recommend it. Not a cheap trip but way more value for money compared to the day trips which can be up to 250 US$. I spent 540 US$ for the trip which included all meals, accommodation and 11 dives. Still hell lot of money but for me it’s a lifetime experience. Didn’t want to miss it, especially the turtle swim on the first day.

Met again cool people on the boat, Nick who used to work for GoPro and makes great videos, check out some of his footage here. Great memory and thanks for uploading the videos of night diving with the sharks. Also Anton our trainee cook on board is a great guy, he was on probation and if it was me, he’d get the job. Nice cooking man…hard work though – he didn’t even have the chance to join for a dive with us….again I realised that cooking for 35 people is a complete different thing then for a small group of 6….

Happy picture browsing….

Now I’m off to Sydney, Willis made his way back to Singapore. Great travel buddy for 1 week. I enjoyed it a lot, especially our burpee & swimming training session on the beach…he nailed 125 burpees down. I was truly impressed by his endurance.

Pushed him bit to do the last 50 but he made it and was happy, exhausted and sore the next days 😉

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