What else could I have asked for my birthday? Inga and Paul took me out on a day trip to Double Island…love Australian beaches!

It’s a 45 minutes drive up north from Sunshine Coast until you reach a little ferry that takes you to the island for 7 AUD, they also limit the daily visitor to the area at max 2.500 so it’s never crowded. We went on a Tuesday so even less people, guess in total 100. The beach we stayed the day had only 3 cars parked – it was fantastic!

Perfect day with sunshine, BBQ, surfing, beach fun and seafood platter overkill.

Can’t remember when I last had such a relaxed birthday – usually it’s winter and cold around that time in Europe. Driving on the beach with snakes, jellyfish & seagulls.

Did also some Burmese on the beach and finished my 2.500 burpee this year, 10% of my annual goal achieved – way to go.

It was a day I’ll never forget. So much fun with Inga’s lovely family. I will be back!

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