Victoria gave me this incredible endless summer feeling back. Do you know what I mean? The time of your life when you just feel the moment, enjoy every second, be carefree, don’t think about tomorrow, great weather, company & lots of booze!

And this is exactly what happened to me in Victoria last week. Totally unexpected – missing my flight to Toronto earlier, caused by a 13 hours train delay, I decided to go to Vancouver Island. It all happens for a reason & here it is!

Met awesome people there – Bella, Jake, Nick, Julia & Rob!
Great talks over a pint of craft beer, a wine or a Caesar…hanging out at their garden, plenty of time at the beach, watching the ferries & seaplanes departing and arriving, spotting otters & seals playing hide & seek with paddlers, lazy bumblebees, laughing so hard that our tummy hurt and our eyes got wet. It was all about random & stupid stuff, deep past life changing experiences, purpose of life and smoking menthol cigarettes. You only live once & now so why not enjoying it?!

It’s like to be in a bubble, which you don’t want to leave as it feels so good but you know that the summer eventually ends & the bubble bursts – for me after 4 days. The long weekend with Victoria Day came to an end, everybody had to go back to work and I continued my journey.

Lots of hugs & kisses for you guys – one of the best experiences during my trip. It’s all about good people around you – you guys are great to hang out with and yes, you are huggers. Hugging & cuddling is so great, it’s so energetic & healing, it makes you feel so good. When have you last hugged someone for more then 10 seconds? You see – do it and try it again!

Out to Montreal now…with sweet memories which made think more about what the old Thore was and the new Thore might become…Bella perfectly said, I am on my spiritual journey – which I denied initially but she is right.

Best things happen, when you totally don’t expect it!

The Sweetness of doing nothing – Life is good!

Lots of love


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