Oh yeah. I’m behind my burpees schedule…

Cycling in New Zealand & Burpees? I didn’t dare to combine both so I’m little behind, especially since I was also lazy the last 6 weeks and didn’t pick up the usual pace. We all know these days where we have no energy or aren’t in the mood… In addition I’m not a morning person, don’t like to exercise after waking up. Wait there is one exercise I like, not only in the morning, but it’s a couple exercise! And if I want to workout in the evening there have been some beers made their way into my system… Haha, all these excuses!!!

But now that I’m in Montreal I think I got back into my routine. Last two days 350 in total. I’m happy that I reached the 25% mark of my annual target of 25.000 Burpees today.

If I gonna make it? Hard to say but I’ll keep focussed on my Burpees routine.

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