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The Mountain Guy!

What initially was only planned for one week turned out to be 14 days in Banff & Jasper National Park. On my third day I was hiking solo, but equipped with bear spray, through beautiful Lake Minnewanka area and spoke to myself: “Why on earth do you want to leave to Toronto in some days….? It’s so beautiful here. The city can wait…Nature, sun, mountains, lakes, breeze, wildlife and plenty of outdoors is what pleases my heart!”

I see so many people rushing by with their cars, hopping out of their seats for quick photo stops and heading off. It’s surprising this pace…and they are missing so much. These moments when the chipmunk gets annoyed while you enter his territory or the gophers watching their hood. Or when stopping and having a longer view into the forrest, discover lil mice, woodpeckers at work or the busy squirrels! There are also deer & mountain goats – you only see them when you stop as they don’t move and just focus you…sometimes I was surprised how close they were. Probably they are are used to tourists like me. Or just the sound of trees moving in the wind….just great – breathing in the forrest and pure air. Words can’t describe it – I just love it.

Sometimes I stop at a nice spot with view to the mountains & lake – pop my headphones in and play my Top 30 playlist…then I’m truly happy with a big smile on my face & tears in my eyes. Feel the wind, snow, rain or hail on my face. Just nature around me and slowing down…

But still, this can happen literally only 10 minutes walk away from the main tourist (parking) spots where you don’t see anyone for hours…no complain at all. You all can go back on the roads with your cars & busses 😉

Spent so much time hiking, soaking in nature & thinking. Especially the relationship to my parents, my sister, my childhood – how I was raised & my personal values. My dad was my age when the wall German wall came down & all he believed in collapsed, lost his job and never adjusted to the new system. Never really saw it from that angle but I kinda understand more why he was like that the rest of his life.

Met again great traveler and likeminded people the last 2 weeks. Sabine who I know from my Frankfurt stay, Jannick I went mountain biking with or Christel who took me on a little road trip up north to Jasper.

Found a stone on one of my hikes, it fits perfectly into my hand and I decided to travel with my new talisman. Let’s see how long we both make it together…

Also, as I “only” have 4 months I decided to slow down on my travel pace in South America. Still searching for my smaller volunteer project which I will focus on during the remainder of my trip. Haven’t found one yet but optimistic! Keep you posted.

Off to Toronto to meet Bayu & Jonathan, both former colleagues from Canada and China and after Kilimanjaro reunion with Dominika & Kai after 6 years. Gonna be fun…

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