Eisenschwein wanted to see Switzerland so we make our way to Freiburg as a stop towards Zurich & Lausanne. To be honest, Cheat Day Traveling – heavy rain forecasted so I took the easy option and jumped onto a bus that took us directly to Eva and Niels in Freiburg…

No regrets, just that I passed the Black Forrest aka Schwarzwald on the bus and not on Eisenschwein. Spend 3 relaxed days with both and their lil son, what a friendly and clever fellow! Had a blast there – we cooked some Pumpkin Risotto & barbecued some lovely beef filet & king prawns. When I prepared some spare ribs they were so chewy & dry that both were questioning my cooking skills ?

From there it took me 200km or two days to cycle into Zurich. Great area, lots of wine yards and forests. Near the border to Switzerland I wanted to pinch my tent but I found a better spot to sleep that night. It was an abandoned hut in the forest, so no need to set the tent up. Great experience and sometimes little frightening when there are noises from the nature & you don’t see anything… but as you can see. This post went live, I survived – to wild animal or forest ranger took advantage of me!

Made it after 5 hours more cycling to Zurich and was welcomed with nice weather at the Zurich Lake. Dropped my stuff at Denis place & we went off to the lake for beer and Bratwurst, don’t miss the veal sausage while in Switzerland. Very delicious… Met him in HK 4 years ago as one of my clients & now sat on his couch as a friend chatting, watching TV & having another beer.

It was again more catching up then cycling, but that was part of my travel intention. Meet my good friends around and spend quality time with them – as done the next evening with Anna & Gerrit. They have super nice kitchen & I cooked some Creamy Penne with Bell Pepper & Rocket. I could totally become their Private Chef…why not.

Heading further south by train to Lausanne visiting Audrey who I met at Internations in HK – she has a little boy & I can practice my Uncle Thore skills. Haha

Spent some time there exploring the surroundings & the nice weather before returning to Zurich for another cycling leg into Munich.

But hey, why don’t take a little detour to Saint Hilaire for Coupe Icare? It’s known as the biggest free flight festival & its this weekend. Guillaume, who I bumped into in Phnom Phen goes there and I’m joining him. Switching the bike for some car traveling this time.

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