Made it into Athens, Greece. And yes, it’s the end of my trip with Eisenschwein from Germany across the Balkans to Greece. I have to say, he’s a good reliable and tough buddy, didn’t really let me down – good guy.

My three weeks in Greece have been very divers. From cycling into Greece through the Bulgarian mountains were one of the best parts of the trip nature wise.

Another highlight was spending a week with Ksenia in Thessaloniki & giving Eisenschwein and me a little rest before heading south into Athens with stopping at my Warmshowers hosts Effi, Vasilis & Theodor for two nights. Very pleasant and remarkable memories I’ll be taking home to Germany reminding me of Greece and my stay here.

Effi and her family are so hospitable, warm hearted and friendly. I felt instantly like coming home – arriving as a guest, leaving as a friend. There are cheap Ryanair flights in summer, so worth flying down again or planning a visit to Germany. Effi shared one of her favourite Greek Meatball Frikassee recipes with me, easy to make & very yummy. I’ll cook it when I’m back to Germany. Tina – competition for your Königsberger Klopse!

My last three cycling days were just ahead of me as well some hills so in total 3.500m elevation gain to pedal up the next 250km. But it was a great finish of my journey. Ocean, sunshine, blue sky, thermal waterfall, cooking Greek Onsen Eggs, steep hills, muddy roads, olive trees

And then in Athens, sightseeing & more food…meeting up with Richard a Swedish fellow cyclist – he’s on his way to Egypt for adventure cycling to South Africa…safe travels my friend!

And for me it’s time to fly to Berlin & enjoy the Christmas days with family and friends.

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