This is a nice little town at the river, plenty of guest houses and even 2 ATM’s although only one worked. Reason to come here was that we wanted to have some action and after the Deep Water Solo Climbing on Cat Ba I read they offer rock climbing here too so this was the place to be.

Unfortunately no rock climbing business anymore – they didn’t have the demand and skilled instructors so they stopped it. But its still a great place to do some hikes or rent a mountain bike and explore the nature.

This is what we did, walking the main street to a cave which has been used as army camp during the war with Vietnam from 1969-1973. Met an old man, who surprisingly spoke well English and he told us some parts of his history. We also had some beer desire and shopped a bottle for the two of us, ending up in the owners back yard where we got some fresh mandarines and papaya served – they didn’t even want our money when we asked how much we owe them. So friendly and nice people here!

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