The other day we went for mountain biking, as we are in good shape we thought it would be a piece of cake but actually since we WERE in the mountains its a lot up and down – the 4 hours tour was more exhausting then we thought. Okay, maybe because my legs were still bit sore after the hike two days ago and the 150 Burpees I just did this morning. Hehe – you never know! “No excuses!”

We passed couple of villages and also a Primary School in a village which was developed by WorldVision. Unfortunately the board was only in Laos language so I couldn’t get more details but this reminded me of my sponsored kid in Cambodia. I probably should visit Sheila.

We played a little bit with the kids – they were so curious and happy to see. Laughing all the time.

Further up the trail we crossed the river twice and decided after 15km to head back as we were already bit tired. Met a family while resting at the river – the father came over offering us some of his star fruits, very kind of him – only return we could offer were some cigarettes. The fruits tasted so much better then the one I’m used to try in Germany which are basically tasteless. Those have been so refreshing. After the 30km tour with 900m ascent the first beer and deep fried sticky rice just hit the spot!

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