And I mean it! During my 3 months travelling I had the most happiest & satisfying moments when I was hiking into the green nature. Me, myself & I. This totally relaxes me and I walk with a big smile on my face. If it was in Kep & Bokor National Park (Cambodia) or later in Da Lat (Vietnam) or now here in Laos.

It was time to see the waterfalls, everybody kept telling me to go there. As hiker I took the challenge to walk to the Kuang Si Waterfalls. It was an early morning for me – started 7:30 into my day and made it in 6 hours for the 32km. What a great hike, the moment I left the town and reached the waterfalls I didn’t see any tourist. Me, nature, dirt roads & sunshine!

Loved it. 3km before the waterfalls you’ll find the springs. Its a nice spot where you can take a swim, jump with the swing into the water and have a light lunch. Highly recommend it – there is a cave too, which I skipped as Jennifer (she’s travelling by bicycle through Asia – very inspiring and I’m seriously considering to cycle south of New Zealand early 2017) and Johannes (who luckily came by scooter so he could take me back into town) were waiting from me with beers.

If you decide to hit the waterfall from the spring, you don’t event have to pay entrance fee as they don’t expect someone coming from that direction.

Nice dip into the water, refreshing beer and some pork belly & chicken skewers totally hit the spot after the long hike.

Now its time to head to my next adventure the Gibbon Experience west of Laos near the Thai boarder to do some zipline, trekking and sleeping in tree houses.

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