I decided to pay Kep National Park as well Bokor National Park a visit. I spent 3 days in there and discovered the area with hiking.

I realised again that I’m a nature boy – rather need mountains then the ocean…and here I am. All nature with me around for hours without other people. Just amazing…

Kep National Park is a very well maintained park, has a round walking path of around 8km and if you have more time, explore the inner parts. Nice view points as well amazing trails. Its only 1 USD entrance and all worth it. Has  nice little cafe which is run by two sisters and they are lovely. Go there first and get yourself a map from the park, have a drink or light food to support their efforts to keep the park as it is. I’d say its a great park if you’re around with a family.

While you are in Kep you can also go to the Crab Market, which I skipped as I’m not a big crab fan….

The other 2 days i spent in the Bokor National Park. Famous for its abandoned buildings, architectural sins (big casino) as well a local developer project to build a big city up there for 20.000 Cambodians. They never finished any of the villas they initially planned. If you want to see what they planned there, see the model, which they display beyond the main entrance, next to the Buddhist temple…..

On my first day I did the classic tour to the old church, old casino as well the waterfalls. Ticked the box, interesting to see how nature takes over again. Roads to the park are phantastic, best roads I travelled on in whole Cambodia.

I cut into the area for 3 hours hiking, just followed the paths the rain takes during rainy season – it was completely different nature to the day before, see some of the impressions below.

As I only found the entrance to the jungle trail in the late afternoon, I decided to go back the next day to explore it. Good choice – the start was a bit muddy so I did get myself a stick to find my way through the area and follow the well maintained path. GPS and my trekking app helped keeping treck and check if I was still on the right track. I had an encounter with a snail, that fell on me from the trees – on purpose or not, I don’t know. And lots of spider nets on the way. All about nature.

Found a nice waterfall, some caves and retreat areas, which were not in use. However there were beds and cooking stoves. Again I was surprised how much rubbish there was on the way. I cannot understand, why people carry all their heavy supply into the nature but once its light & empty they dump it into the nature, while they could easily take it home…

Some inspirations from my last day in the wild are here.

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