Travelling for me is always to be outdoors, explore new sites and meeting new people – making friends. So it happened that I met Vale from Italy while strolling around the cliffs the other day. We had a little chat, learned that we’re both solo traveling in Australia, swapped numbers and over a drink shared travel plans. We both like to be sporty and stay outdoors – the idea of renting a Campervan and explore the nature was born…

Lots of pasta cooking, white wine drinking and nature during this camping trip.

First stop was the Grampian Naional Park. It’s huge and you can spend several days in there hiking until your legs are sore. We spent two days in there with one hiking. Very nice and not too hilly. Great view and great nature – windy that day. If you’re around, don’t miss to stop by. But what we liked even better was the little Lake Fyans…

The Grampians

The Grampians

School holidays were over and although we came on a weekend – it was pretty empty here. The two days there we probably saw 10 cars there…such an idyllic place. Dipping the water after the hike, burpees or in the morning for a refreshment. How great!

No camping allowed there but we took the risk and “parked” our camper there…lucky travel buddies – no fines the whole trip. Kept the travel budget for other amazing stuff!

On our way back to Melbourne we took the scenic Great Ocean Road Tour. Everybody told me to go and see it – glad I do listen to my friends. It was cool, especially the Twelve Apostles, have a look at the pictures…we were lucky with the weather too, great mix of sun, clouds and wind.

Last adventure was jumping into the Rock Pool. It’s a natural pool of 3m depth during low tide which you can jump into from around 8m. Same adrenaline kick like when I jumped in Vietnam…key to do it – don’t think too much standing up there. Count 1,2,3 and jump down. The longer you wait the harder it gets to jump the edge…believe me 😉

After 5 amazing days it was time to say good bye and me heading off to Auckland, New Zealand and Vale to Sydney. Thanks Vale to be part of my journey and Australia experience! Safe travels for you…

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