My first time in Cambodia. I stayed in Siem Reap for five days and of course have been visiting Angkor Wat – two days there as it is an impressive, big ancient temple area. One can easily spend three days or longer there if you want to see all the temples and don’t rush it too much. It was pretty warm so running is not advisable. 

On my day off arrival I met Danielle and Laura and we decided to head off the next day to the temple tour where it was pretty nice to have a driver who drives around (tuk tuk for 12 USD) and if you want you can get also a local guide to tell you a little bit about the background and history but you better check if this guy speaks proper English and if you can listen to him for more then five minutes because at the end of the tour that was very difficult to follow/understand whatever he has been telling us. We paid 27 USD for the tour – not sure if this is good or bad. 

I got myself three days entrance pass so that I could come back the other day. Danielle and I decided to rent a mountain bike and went early in the morning to cycle around Angkor Wat. Apparently we picked the best day because it rained  in the morning so it wasn’t that hot but rather refreshing.  Since Danielle didn’t have a ticket as she already spent two days there, we just wanted to browse around the temples without actually going into the temple, but to go into the temple area you also need to have the ticket! Since we have had mountain bikes, we decided to just cut through the forest and local farmers area and we passed very nice local neighbourhood – basically very very nice to see this area. This is how we made it passing by the local checkpoints into the Angkor Wat temple area.

Of course we had some nice Cambodian barbecue with crocodile, frog,  shark snake & kangaroo. Draft beer usually is only for $0.50 so it is very hard to not drink beer because beer is cheaper than water.

 Also retried at the night markets from insects we had crickets and we had larva and we had tarantula see the pictures. Besides that it’s been very relaxing here so enjoyed lots of massages & coffee throughout the day – sometime I had massages twice a day.

My last day here we also want to cook some traditional Khmer food together with Loy, unfortunately she didn’t have enough time so we safe it for next time.

Tonight I’m heading south for Phnom Penh.

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