During my time in Sunshine Coast I had great BBQ with Inga and Paul. He prepared awesome pork ribs, cooked in milk and finished with his favourite BBQ sauce in the oven / on BBQ. 

  1. Cut trimmed rib racks into smaller parts, around 10 cm wide
  2. Bring milk to simmer and place ribs in the boiling milk pot
  3. Cook for 45 minutes
  4. Take out and let cool down a bit
  5. Marinate in your favourite sauce, apply on both sides
  6. At least for 2 hours, better over night in the fridge
  7. Heat up oven at 120 degrees
  8. Apply BBQ sauce generously on the ribs
  9. Put in oven, repeat every 15 minutes 3x and after last round, heat up grill function for a short time
  10. Closely watch the ribs since they might burn quickly…
  11. Ready to serve with a salad or just fries
  • 1kg baby pork ribs(trimmed)
  • 1 litre milk
  • Your favourite BBQ sauce (usually has enough sugar for perfect glacé)

Serves 2-3 person

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