After the Gibbon Experience I took the slow boat back to Luang Prabang. Nice boat ride with sunny weather and relaxed travellers from all over the world. Met some cool people, we were drinking beer on the boat, chatting and laughing. After 7 hours on the boat we arrived Padpeng – a transit town which only lives on tourists passing by. Its obviously not very cheap since you don’t have a choice to eat or sleep somewhere else. However bit bargaining is still possible. Ended up in another bar at night and finished on some fellows balcony with too much cheap whiskey and cigarettes….phewwww!!!

As you can imagine – the next day with 8 hours boat ride has been bit rough and most of the people have been hungover and the relaxed easy mood was gone. Everybody was really tired and had to cure their after drinking symptoms. Including me. Fortunately I found a spot in the back to lay down and snooze a bit. Probably wouldn’t have survived sitting all ride long on the wooden benches.

Nice scenery, relaxed trip and sunshine made this a memorable trip. You should do it when you have time. Much better then the bus. If you want to enjoy the second day as the first one – cut on the boozes, but its only half the fun. Haha

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