True Happiness comes from inside of us – my key take away!

It provides an overview over Tibetan Buddhism, and introduces you to its fundamental principles. Learning how to apply these principles to your life makes the teachings very meaningful. The course also introduces you to the different types of meditation that can be used to calm the mind.

A special feature of the ten day course is the two day silent retreat at the end. This is a great opportunity to gain practical experience of a meditation retreat.  

You will also receive guidance on setting up your own daily practice.

So where to start first? My daily schedule:

5:30 wake up and 111 Burpees
6:00 Morning Tea
6:45 Morning Meditation
7:30 Breakfast
9:15 Teaching
11:30 Lunch
14:00 Discussion Groups
15:00 Teaching
17:00 Afternoon Tea
17:45 Meditation
18:30 Dinner
19:30 Q&A
In bed by 21:30 most of the time – really tired!

Wow, I survived 10 days of Buddhism in Kopan Monastery – which means, strict rules: “Please refrain from killing, stealing, lying, sexual conduct and intoxicants, including tobacco.” – Killing in a sense to not kill any animal, including insects (and there were mosquitos) and other creatures, of course this came with meatless cooking – vegetarian food all day long. 

Reason for me to visit Kopan was to undergo a detox from electronic gadgets, internet, social media, alcohol and learning new things about Buddhism & meditation. I have to say – it worked very well! When I checked in my phone and laptop I somehow felt much lighter…

Since I haven’t had any closer insights into Buddhism I arrived pretty much open minded at the monastery. Took away lot of new views on life, karma, meditation, happiness and to think about my way of seeing the world – cool thing about Buddhism is that its not telling you to believe in this and that – but gives you some ideas and concepts how to act in this world to find true inner happiness.

We usually get happiness purely by sense pleasures, desires and get dissatisfied if our expectations are not met. In a sense high exceptions of others to make us happy – been attached to so many things and getting angry easily… How to overcome anger? Practice patience, tolerance and compassion & change your attitude. Anger is within us – turn it into a gift/teacher to learn to accept others & grow with it. 

Not converted to a Buddhist monk but some of it makes sense and certainly worth giving it a second thought or more 😉

I don’t want you to bore too much – but can recommend it. Not easy to make it the 10 days as we had a 50% drop out quote! 

Now I’m off to Pokhara for some massages (not used to sitting all day on those meditation cushions), Paragliding and little hiking.



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