As always with a stopover in Hong Kong I had the chance to catchup with friends, especially those who couldn’t make it to my party. Alice & Marc who expect their first baby girl – I’m so happy to see you fit & healthy and stroke the tummy of both! And then Sian & Neeva who I haven’t seen in ages – glad you ladies doing good, even without me around in HK. Haha

Also Lynne, Alex & Will who I used to only work on a professional work basis. When I’m with you guys I feel almost like old friends, talking personal stuff and skipping all the work blabla, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next meeting.

Another HK farewell, can’t even count which one it was….this time for longer. Off via Tokyo to Vancouver. Met my friend Michael and his buddy at the airport for a quick Sapporo. Both used to live in Shenzhen and now moving back to the States to open a ebike & scooter shop. Good luck with your startup mates!

Coming to Vancouver I wasn’t in good mood. Maybe a bit sick of traveling, packing, leaving my friends and family behind, actually felt a bit lonely and sad. And Vancouver is just another big city! It’s actually the cut over from Asia & a new part of my trip. Missing my friends far away, digesting that death & life is so close & opening up again to what I really want. Thanks Viv & April – you both are my special Kopan family!
In the HI Central hostel I shared a room with Florian, German guy from the south. We got along surprisingly well, given Bavarian and Berliner don’t like each other, just kidding. He arrived earlier to meet his friends Siv, Petra & Rodrigo for a 5 days tramping trip on Victoria Island, one of the great walks. Great group of friends aligned at the other side of the world to enjoy outdoors & bears. Hope you guys make it alive back into civilisation, keen to hear your stories while I will be hiking Banff National Park and around Lake Louise….

There are certainly disadvantages of social media but if you want to find friends and former colleagues this s a great help. Tend to search for Bayu a former colleague working in Canada, couldn’t find him but Kerry who just moved to Vancouver after living 17yrs in London. What a coincidence and great Happy Hour talks for more then 3 hours, let’s repeat it. Was great fun to exchange personal interests & hobbies. We’ve apparently got much in common, passion for cooking and restoring old furniture. I never knew…as we mostly spoke about work when we met. I mean that’s what you suppose to do when you meet for business. Haha

Having taken a bus in Vietnam and Laos the 16 hours overnight bus ride to Banff couldn’t shock me. It was alright, AC is cold too, bus drives aren’t overly polite but it’s a much cheaper option then taking the train. Surprisingly the train wasn’t even faster, nobody could tell me why, so the decision was easy…

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