Initially planned to ride to Lake Tekapo but accommodation wasn’t affordable so I stayed two nights in Twizel. A town established in the 60s – home for all the construction workers for hydroelectric dams in the region. Initially it should have be demolished after finalisation of the work, people decided to stay so Twizel is still there.

Riding into town I passed Pukaki airport and saw an amazing red shining Biplane “Red Baron”. Inquired on flight options at Red Cat Biplane Flights Twizel, it was perfect sky with evening sun at 6pm and Chris and I took of for a scenic flight. Amazing to feel the wind, see the rotor and hear the old engine. Glad I did it, wasn’t on my bucket list. Quickly put it on and ticked it off. Haha

As I’m getting older I realised I forgot some laundry in Mt. Cook Village, lucky me, Ingo was cycling down the other day, so we met on Salmon Sashimi lunch and stuff handover.

Afternoon ride was easy, stopped at “The Cheese Room” at Ben Oahu Road. Matt is a great guy, makes his own cheese after changing his career from Radio reporter – great inspiration. Offered me to try a Halloumi which he calls Ohaullumi – usually not a big fan but his creation is so soft and not squeeze at all. Met him and his daughter at the supermarket again couple of hours later and was invited over for a beer.

Couldn’t reject that invite and had a great night with him and Tracie his wife, chatting about life & universe. Joined by great cheese, pate, crackers and some glasses of wine.

Now I’m off to my final destination, Christchurch and spending some days south on Banks Peninsula. It will be bit hilly but now I’m used to it…

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