What can I say? I reached my next level of traveling. So far my trip has been pretty much how I initially planned it 9 months ago. Planning. It’s so German – I’m German.
After been to Victoria and spending some awesome days there with literally no real plan what doing next …this changed my view & travel behaviour.

I always was sure to go to Central & South America after Canada. Had absolutely no doubt and it was set in stone. But I don’t feel like going there at the moment. We had our annual family gathering in Germany, I spontaneously booked a flight and showed up as surprise guest, when everyone thinks I’m 7000km away in Canada. Those surprised and happy faces! Priceless. Nobody expected me, hope they were not disappointed that I showed up, in a sense like “Oh, what are you doing here? We were so happy you’re so far away this year…” haha.

It was the right thing to do & to be around with my lovely big family this year. So good to see them all again. From young to old….didn’t regret it any minute. I have a great family and I don’t take this for granted. Love how we stick together and support each other. 3 days of chatting, eating, drinking, laughing & relaxing!

But I’m not done with traveling – still want to see more!

So, current idea is to get me a nice touring bike and some gears and hit the road again. Probably meeting up with some friends along the way (summer just started in Germany) before maybe flying out to Teheran to cycle Iran and further east. Not really sure but I heard from so many that Iran is a very cyclist friendly country with very friendly & interested people. So why don’t give it a try? Why wait until next year with this cycling trip? Sorry South America, you have to wait for now…

Life is full of wonderful decisions and I like it the way it is…found my passion for cycling. It gives me the freedoms to travel smart, explore the countries and meet awesome inspiring new friends. And it’s way faster then hiking, which I also enjoy a lot. But I don’t really like carrying all my stuff around. Another benefit is I’m staying fit and feel the nature – being my own guide!

Let’s see where my journey leads me to….

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