When I think about it, its my first time personal trip to SG, been there quite a lot for business but never on a private tour so this is premiere! Tourist Thore is coming into town! Yay….

As I will meet my friends Mohit and his wife Neha we will cook some nice Indian lunch together, given the fact we missed this chance in HK we have a joint cooking session in SG. No need to travel to India for this, haha.

But I’m also catching up with some of my former colleagues – its been a while since I saw them. Can’t wait to see you all again over a beer or two.

But I added also a bit of culture into my trip. Caro was so kind to give me a private tour through the Asian Civilisation Museum with some background on the trade between Asia and the Islamic countries.

In 1998, a shipwreck was discovered off Belitung Island in the Java Sea. It contained a remarkable cargo of more than 60,000 ceramics produced in China during the Tang dynasty (618–907), as well as luxurious objects of gold and silver. Bound for Iran and Iraq, the ship provides early proof for strong commercial links between China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The pottery bowls are in surprisingly great condition. Cup to the right is a nose drinking cup – should intensify the taste of the wine…hmmm

After a week I headed over to Kuala Lumpur on September 27th. Might have the chance to meet some of my former colleagues which I never met in person!

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